Fully Compliant with the SAML v2.0 Specification

The lightweight SAML for ASP.NET component plugs directly into your application enabling SAML service provider or identity provider support.

It’s been tested successfully against ADFS, Azure AD, Facebook, Google, Office 365, Okta, OneLogin, Ping Identity, Salesforce, Shibboleth and many more.

Thousands of our clients have been using our award winning components in production systems throughout the world for many years.

A SAML component for ASP.NET Core is also available.


Example Projects

Example ASP.NET projects written in C#, with full source code, are included. The examples demonstrate:

  • Acting as the SAML service provider (SP)
  • Acting as the SAML identity provider (IdP)
  • Service provider initiated SSO
  • Identity provider initiated SSO
  • Setting and retrieving SAML attributes
  • Logout
  • SAML metadata creation and consumption
  • OWIN ASP.NET Identity integration
SP-Initiated SAML SSO Example


ASP.NET example projects are included demonstrating interoperability with:

Platform Support

The SAML component supports all .NET framework versions from v2.0 and above. This includes all versions of Visual Studio. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Server and Desktop are supported.

High-Level API

A high-level, configuration-driven API provides a very simple to use interface that hides the mechanics of SAML SSO. This makes it easy to add SSO functionality to your web application with just a few lines of code. Configuration changes, including adding support for additional partner identity providers or service providers, may be made with zero code changes.

Initiating SAML SSO from the SP
SP-Initiated SAML SSO
Initiating SAML SSO from the IdP
IdP-Initiated SAML SSO
Receiving the SAML Response at the SP
SP Receiving SAML SSO Response

Low-Level API

A low-level API provides complete control and flexibility. The API provides accesses to the SAML profiles, protocols, bindings, assertions and metadata. The high-level API is implemented using the low-level API. For most scenarios, the high-level API provides all the control you need in a simpler interface. For those situations where this isn’t enough, the low-level API is available.


Source Code

For your assurance and convenience, the complete source code for the component is available for purchase.


For consulting and implementation inquires, contact us at


SAML Profiles

All SAML v2.0 profiles are fully supported, acting as either the identity provider or service provider.

  • Web browser single sign-on (identity provider and service provider initiated)
  • Single logout
  • Artifact resolution
  • Identity provider discovery
  • Authentication, attribute and assertion query
  • Name identifier management and mapping

SAML Protocols

All SAML v2.0 protocols are fully supported.

  • Create, modify and access SAML protocol messages
  • Serialize SAML messages to and from XML
  • Generate and verify XML signatures (SHA-1 and SHA-256) on SAML messages

SAML Bindings

All SAML v2.0 bindings are fully supported.

  • HTTP Redirect
  • HTTP Artifact
  • SOAP
  • PAOS

SAML Assertions

SAML v2.0 assertions are fully supported.

  • Create, modify and access SAML assertions
  • Serialize SAML assertions to and from XML
  • Generate and verify XML signatures (SHA-1 and SHA-256) on SAML assertions
  • Encrypt and decrypt SAML assertions, attributes and identifiers

SAML Metadata

SAML v2.0 metadata is fully supported.

  • Create, modify and access all SAML metadata
  • Serialize to and from XML
  • Generate and verify XML signatures (SHA-1 and SHA-256) on SAML metadata