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SSO Errors in Chrome

By DaveA - 6/13/2018

I have an application performing IdP-initiated SSO using InitiateSsoAsync method like so:

     SamlConfigurations samlConfigurations = await GetSamlConfigurations(options);
      _samlConfigurations.Configurations = samlConfigurations.Configurations;
      await _samlProvider.InitiateSsoAsync(partnerName, username);
catch (Exception ex)
  // Handle any error (none are being thrown though...)
return View();

The code to build the SAML configuration and SSO into a service provider works great in Edge and IE11 and the view is opened in a new tab and shows the logged in view of the SP's site. In Chrome I get a blank page that shows my view address in the address bar. The console shows that an ERR_CONNECTION_RESET was encountered. I thought that maybe something was being cached so I added this to the controller action:

[ResponseCache(Location = ResponseCacheLocation.None, NoStore = true)]

This sets up the cache-control properly, but has no effect on the issue. Has anyone seen this before? This is only an issue in Chrome (I have Chrome 67).

By ComponentSpace - 6/24/2019

Thank you. Let us know what you find.