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The pending SAML action is being overidden

By AdamMos - 6/23/2022

SP Initiated SSO - "The pending SAML action is being overridden." (


We are facing the same issue as boyd98.
We have combed over the Service Web.Config/Saml.Config and they are the same, the IDP settings are the same the SAML assertion is the same, but it works for other case, for this case the page just gets stuck in an infinite loop and the log says that "this action is being overridden".

Will send the SAML Log to the email provided in the last post. 

By ComponentSpace - 6/23/2022

The log shows SAMLServiceProvider.InitiateSLO is being called.

Please check your code. It's normally part of the logout sequence.

Perhaps breakpoint in your code or add some application logging wherever you call SAMLServiceProvider.InitiateSLO.