Knowledge Base - SAML SSO for ASP.NET

Knowledge Base - SAML SSO for ASP.NET

Enabing SAML Trace

Troubleshooting Loading X.509 Certificates
SAML Cookie SameSite Mode None
SHA-256 and Cryptographic Service Provider Types
Troubleshooting Missing Cookies
XML Signatures
Troubleshooting XML Signatures
Ramifications of setting httpCookies sameSite in web.config
Application Cookie SameSite None
SAML Cookie SameSite Testing with Chrome
SAML Session Cookie - When Is It Needed?
Specifying the SAML Configuration Programmatically
SAML Configuration
Certificate configuration change in saml.config
SP-Initiated Single Logout
SAML Overview
SAML IHttpModule and the .NET Authentication Pipeline
SAML Assertions, Subjects and Attributes
XML as a SAML Attribute Value
Upgrading to a Licensed Version
Vulnerability Note VU#475445
SAML Multi-Tenancy Applications
Google Apps SAML SSO
XML signature wrapping attacks
ADFS SAML SSO - ADFS as the Identity Provider/Claims Provider
SAML High-level API vs Low-level API
SAML Metadata Generation and Consumption
SHA-256 and Converting the Cryptographic Service Provider Type
SAML Assertion ID Caching
XML decryption and CryptographicException: Bad Key
Downloading the Reference Guide CHM
SAML High-Level API
Salesforce SAML SSO
Example SAML Identity Provider and Service Provider
ADFS SAML SSO - ADFS as the Service Provider/Replying Party
Custom X.509 Certificate Management
X.509 Certificate Management
Shibboleth SAML SSO
Generating Test X.509 Certificates
Determining the Component Version and License
SHA-256 XML Signature Support
XML Encryption
Security Considerations
IdP-initiated Single Logout
SP-Initiated Single Sign-On
IdP-initiated Single Sign-On
SAML Terminology
SAML Specifications

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