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SAML High-level API vs Low-level API

By ComponentSpace - 2/20/2014

The SAML v2.0 class library includes both high level and low level APIs. For the majority of use cases, it’s recommend the high level APIs are used as these provide the greatest ease of use. The low level APIs are available for when maximum flexibility is required.
The high-level API is implemented using the low-level API.

High-Level API
The high-level API offers the following advantages:
  • simple API supporting single sign-on and single logout
  • minimal code in the calling application
  • encapsulates the technical details of the SAML protocols, bindings and security
  • configuration-driven making it easy to add support for other partner sites with no code changes
  • maintains state to support single logout
Low-Level API
The low-level API offers the following advantages:
  • maximum flexibility
  • compatibility with pre-high-level API applications
By ComponentSpace - 4/19/2017

The high-level API classes are in the following namespaces:

The primary high-level API classes are SAMLIdentityProvider and SAMLServiceProvider in the ComponentSpace.SAML2 namespace.

The low-level classes are in the following namespaces: