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Error 405 when trying to login OKTA SSO

By Nor Alia Syafika - 12/16/2020

Hi Support team,

I encounter this error 405 - HTTP verb to access this page is not allowed after successfully login OKTA SSO

this is the saml.config for the OKTA setting 

I did stamp log to check and the returnURL return null 

I try to figure out the solution for this but couldn't find any answers. Do you have any idea on how to solve this error? Attached is the log file 

By ComponentSpace - 12/23/2020

We use a SAML_SessionId cookie to support the SAML protocol. This cookie is marked as secure. The HTTP Post of the SAML logout response from Okta doesn't include this cookie and therefore we have no knowledge of the previously sent logout request.

Please ensure you're using HTTPS throughout your application.