Questions - SAML SSO for ASP.NET Core

Questions - SAML SSO for ASP.NET Core

SamlConfiguration not load dynamically
Can SloResult be an incompleted response?
Handling EncryptedAssertion in .NET Core vs. .NET Framework libraries
Exception Using String Certificate
Passing along additional attributes to the SAML
Receiving SSO from a string
Calling InitializeSsoAsync on http issuer url doesn't redirect
SAML Response for Identity provider from Service Provider
SSO Identity + 2 Service Providers
Signing Response with Low-Level API
IDP Pending Response State
IDP Initiated SSO Using Middleware
LogoutResponse StatusCode of AuthnFailed using InitiateSloAsync
Can the same value be mapped to two different mapping rule names?
LocalServiceProviderConfiguration AssertionConsumerServiceUrl
Updating SamlConfigurations from singleton class
Is AddSamlMiddleware something we would use when building our own IdP using Identity Server?
How to keep signin status?
IdP Initiated SLO - How to figure out which user is being logged out?
Can I register a SamlClaimFactory with DI?
SAML InResponseTo don't match
Migrating from to core
Confused about the Distributed Cache Session Store and the IIDCache
Does the library cache attributes anywhere?
DotNet Core 2 - Issue with HttpContext.AuthenticateAsync
Multitenant application with identity server
Example project not building
Reloading mapping rules on change?
Unable to resolve service for type 'Microsoft.AspNetCore.Http.IHttpContextAccessor' while attempting to activate 'ComponentSpace.Saml2.AspNetCore.AspNetHttpRequest'.
SAML v2.0 for ASP.NET Core -> Error generating the signature
Working with SimpleInjector
Does Core SAML Solution Work on Linux
Support for xmlenc11#aes256-gcm
How to use AuthnRequest with Extensions
Error when upgrading to .Net Core 2
Support for core 2.0
XmlSecurity Unable to Connect
Being able to signout even after application restart (default inmemorycache)
SAML response signature is not validated
ArgumentNullException when using Embedded Certificates for Verifying SAML Assertion
Feature request: Middleware SamlHandler should not depend on singleton/startup value for SamlOptions.PartnerName
SAML .NET Core Evaluation failed on linux
Feature request: IdP configuration WantAssertionSignedOrSamlResponseSigned
Feature request: virtual methods in CertificateManager
Retrieve SAML2 information automatically from configured metadata url
SAML Authentication doesn't fail when the Digest & Signature Algorithms are different.
Configuring SamlConfigurations in Controller Level instead of Startup.cs
SetConfigurationIDAsync() method does not set the SamlConfiguration ID.
IdpSsoResult null after successfully calling ReceiveSsoAsync

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